Monday, December 5, 2011

Luckiest Man Alive

I took this last night as Shan was holding Avery and Graham (Gray was already asleep in his crib after his feed.) I thank God for moments like these with my family.

We've really loved getting to see more and more of the babies' personalities over the past few weeks. Avery seems to be uber relational, and any time there's someone remotely close to her she locks on to them with a laser-focused stare (in this case you can see it was Shan :) She could win any staring contest hands-down!

The boys on the other hand, well, they seem less concerned with relationships and more interested in food! Shan captured it best when she said, "Gray isn't interested in his siblings because they aren't edible!"

It may be years away, but I'm already looking forward to Double-Double Saturdays with them at In 'n Out :)

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